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The Webmaster

2002, 15th October

Un fils

Assistant Director - Composer

A film by : Amal Bedjaoui
Producer : ML Productions
Duration : 00:58:00 - Format : Super 16mm

Selim is leading a double-life: He got lunch every sunday with his mutic father who has'nt managed to get over his wife's death; and at night, he's a prostitute with his girlfriend Louise. The relationship between Selim and his father is based on lies and secrets. They didn't manage to really meet themselves. The fate will bring them together...


Broadcasted on Arte in June 2004; Released in theaters on August the 25th 2004; Selectionned at the 60th Venise Film Festival, at Belfort Film Festival 2004, at Hong-Kong Film Festival 2004, at Creteil Women Film Festival 2004... Released in DVD in April 2005


with Mohamed Hicham, Hammou Graia, Isabelle Pichaud, Aurélien Recoing
- Script and Direction: Amal Bedjaoui
- Cowriter: Isabelle Pichaud
- Cinematography: Nara Keo Kosal
- Sound: Pascal Lesaulnier
- Editing: Gwen Mallauran
- Sound Editing: Jérôme Harlay
- Mixing: François Groult

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