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Flash-back in 1978. Matthieu Charter appears for the first time on stage. A few rolls later, over-determined to give himself the opportunities to work in the cinema industry, he studies at ESEC, a french film school. He’s out of it with an Assistant-Director graduate with distinction.

First step : To found LostHeaven Films, with a dozen of friends from ESEC. He explains «it’s a group of artists and technicians who got complementary sensibilities and abilities. » Thanks to this structure, the team starts to work in the advertising and musical business. Matthieu will direct two ads and a musical video for a french rock band.

Since his school’s out, Matthieu is assistant-director on short movies that are seen in many festivals. « I was very lucky to work very early as a first A.D. on a quiet big set. It was on « Un Fils » (A Son) directed by Amal Bedjaoui, her first feature film… » The movie is selected in very famous festivals such as Venise Film Festival, and is shown on french TV channel Arte in June 2004. Two months later, the movie is released in theaters. Besides, « Un Fils » allows Matthieu to reveal another one of his passions, when he compose the soundtrack of the movie.

Furthermore, Matthieu is working in musical DVD business when he participates to the Velvet Magazine adventure, a rock magazine. For the dvds sold with the paper, he makes a lots of interviews and live shootings.

Then he meets a producer who gives him the chance to show what he can do for tv documentaries, Laurent Lesperon and his company « les Films Jack Fébus ». « Laurent asked me to direct my first 52minutes musical documentary », Matthieu explains. Then the company asks Matthieu to make a second one, a documentary which relates a world music festival that took place in September 2004. The both films are broadcasted on music french channel Mezzo in January 2005. The biggest collaboration with Les Films Jack Febus was the shooting of the electro-symphonic concert of star Dj Jeff Mills in June 2005. The dvd of this show was released in April 2006.

Matthieu always follows an Assistant-Director career in feature films industry. He participates in particular at the « Da Vinci Code » shooting in July 2005. He also works on solo projects with the very big desire to direct his first real short movie very soon…« Several scripts are ready to shoot and I really hope to direct one of them before the end of 2006 » Matthieu ends.

See you in a few months then !

Sonia Arfaoui, journalist

Shortly :

Asa, fire on Babelmed
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les Films Jack Febus / Naïve / Tarquinia Films
Ska Cubano, Ay Caramba !
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les films Jack Febus / Tarquinia Films
Maloya All Stars, Zamalia in Massilia
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les films Jack Febus / Tarquinia Films
Gonzales_Partitions EBR
Directed By Matthieu Charter
EBR / les Films Jack Fébus
The Happening
Directed By M. Night Shyamalan
20th Century Fox
Pink Panther 2
Directed By Harald Zwart
UPM - Panther Film Production
New York Doll
Directed By Greg Whiteley
Oscar D'Leon, el sonero del mundo
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les Films Jack Febus
La Charanga Contradanza
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les Films Jack Febus
So Massive - Elisa Do Brasil Live
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Bande-Démo Les Films Jack Febus
Directed By Divers
Les Films Jack Febus
Zenzile Sound System Live
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Singuila - Le Temps passe trop vite
Directed By Giovanni Sportiello
Dans la Cible Production
Yoplait Yop & P'Tit Yop
Directed By Alain Munch
Dans La Cible Production
Gonzales Masterclass
Directed By Ninja Pleasure
Gonzpiration - Les Films Jack Febus
Piano Round
Directed By Eric Michaud
Les Films Jack Febus
Underground Resistance - Live in Paris
Directed By Laurent Bouhnik & Julia Bidermann
UWe - Nada
Blue Potential - Jeff Mills Live Symphonique
Directed By Matthieu Charter
UWe - Les Films Jack Febus
The Da Vinci Code
Directed By Ron Howard
Sony Columbia Pictures Entertainment
Globalistik - les Nuits d'Aquitaine 2004
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les Films Jack Febus
Directed By Giovanni Sportiello
le GREC - Giovanni Sportiello pour Badlands Productions
Directed By Alain Bœgner
Tarquinia Films
Fausses pubs Marnier & Griffon
Directed By Marnier & Griffon
Caroline Productions - M&G Prod
Le Flagrant délire attaque Paris!
Directed By Matthieu Charter
Les Films Jack Febus
Colère Périphérique
Directed By Dembo Danfakha
la Femis
Velvet Mag
Directed By Emmanuel Fleury & Franck Richard
Velvet Motions
La vache qui pleure
Directed By Stanislas Carré de Malberg
Les Films Jack Febus
Stereotypical Working Class - Instinct
Directed By Charter & Fleury
Velvet Motions - Next Music
Wake-up - Coca-Cola
Directed By Barbetti & Spianti
Lost Heaven Films - Video Planning
Mémoire vive - Juvamine
Directed By Matthieu Charter
LostHeavenFilms - VideoPlanning
Directed By Cansel Elcin
Les Films de la Foliesse
Un fils
Directed By Amal Bedjaoui
ML Productions
Le Grand Avoir
Directed By Marnier & Griffon
Caroline Productions - Esec Films
Fredo & Tonio
Directed By Nicolas Bazz
Ombres Production

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