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The Webmaster

2002, 20th June

Le Grand Avoir

Assistant Director

A film by : Marnier & Griffon
Producer : Caroline Productions - Esec Films
Duration : 00:17:00 - Format : Super 16mm

During an indetermined war, in a small and isolated village, the tragic destiny of an artisan's family.


Selectionned at Premiers Plans d'Angers Film Festival 2003, at Nancy Film Festival 2003, at Taragone Film Festival 2003...


with Anny Romand, Orazio Massaro,Cansel Elcin, Jonathan Kerr, Véronique Lechat
- Directed by: Marnier & Griffon
- Cinematography: Philippe Brelot
- Sound: Jean-Luc Rault-Cheynet
- Editing:Franck Nakache

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