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2006, 06th February

Welcome on MatthieuCharter.net

Welcome on my new website, reflection of my artistic way, passed and to come

This website allows you to skim trough my resume in an interactive way, to see some short excerpts from the movies I've worked on, to listen to some musical tracks I've composed and to learn about my future projects.
I'll transmit new informations in the News section, that I'll update as much as possible, and my downloadable resume will be automatically updated after each new experience...
Hoping you'll enjoy surfing on my pages and that you'll want to know more about my world,
Have a pleasant vision and a good listening!

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about the site, any comments are welcome! See U


2008, 03th September

A good 2008 ending !

Tv ad' for Yann Tiersen, and Tarquinia Films projects

I'm working on a tv commercial for a Yann Tiersen's notebook (from "Amelie"), in the same style as the Gonzales commercial (see filmography). Again with the Editions Bourgès R. (www.ebr.fr)
I put the film on line as soon as possible.

Tarquinia Films always at work !

I'm working with Tarquinia Films on several interesting projects:

The shooting of a short movie and the writing of a feature film. And always, videoclips and commercials !

The new Tarquinia Films website is on line now: www.tarquiniafilms.com
Let's have a look !
Stay tuned!



2008 - "Fucking friend", the first videoclip from "Something a la mode" classical-electro french duet

Two musicians, two instruments, one girl, five possibilities...


End 2008 - "Oscar system"

Based on an idea from Antoine Réjasse, ex-Wriggles, a fun movie!


2008 - Double Life

A short-movie about the search of ourselves in our double ones...


2009 - Symphonic Moving image, a visual opera


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